A ‘sensitive’ or ‘intuitive’ massage that has a creative way of responding to each person's specific needs. This tailor-made technique is characterised by long fluid movements that sculpt the entire body. The varying rhythms and depths of this massage make it a unique and wonderful experience.

Main strokes/movements : long, soft and deep while enveloping and rocking the body

Oil-based massage, performed on a massage table, where the client remains in underwear

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Relaxing deep tissue massage, ideal for athletes who need more deeper muscular work. This technique concentrates on each muscle, in order to work more precisely.

Main Strokes/Movements: deep while lifting, draining and wringing the muscle.

Oil-based massage, performed on a massage table, where the client remains in underwear.

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These massage styles consist of the use of finger-tip pressure along energy lines, movement of the joints and stretching of the muscles. They stimulate the nervous and circulatory systems (lymph and blood) to reset the body's’ energy, that is often stagnant due to our sedentary lifestyles. .

The efficiency of this massage depends greatly on the the ability of the client to relax: a certain amount of ‘letting-go’ is necessary to allow for a variation of mobilisations. These manipulations/movements/mobilistions are work with the breath and led by the massage therapist.

The benefits are not always immediate but they arrive slowly after the session and continue for a few days.

Main Strokes/Movements: Pressure applied with the palm and fingertips, stretching, vibrational work, gentle tapping.

Practised on a futon on the floor where the client is dressed in loose clothing.

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Originating from the ancestral and traditional indian practices, these massages are linked to the breath, healing energy and the ‘Marma-therapy’*.

By a fine touch found between a gliding and pressured movement, this hot oil enveloping massage will deliver numerous benefits : toning of muscles, relaxation of muscle tissue, improvement of blood circulation and the speeding up and elimination of toxins and waste stored in the body - resulting in a revival of our vital energy.

Oil-based massage, performed on a massage table, where the client remains in underwear.

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A range of techniques developed for treating the symptoms of pregnancy : back ache, heavy legs, stretch marks - you will receive certain care and gestures specific to your stage of pregnancy

Oil-based massage, performed on a massage table, where the client remains in underwear.


The extremities of our body are the zones the most agitated and this is the benefits of this massage are felt in the first few minutes. It’s the ideal for those who have trouble relaxing and/or for modest people who may not feel particularly comfortable with their body.

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A massage originating from traditional chinese medicine, signifying ‘to become calm by the touch’.

Following a sequence of acupressure points most subjected to stress: head, neck, back, arms and hands, it stimulates the nervous and circulatory system for revitalising the body's’ energy, often stuck due to our sedentary lifestyles.

Practical, quick and efficient, seated massage provides immediate effects for our overall well-being, both physically and psychologically.

Practiced in an ergonomic chair, with the client dressed that can last between 10 and 30 minutes depending on the needs. Images of Seated Massage...

Images of Seated Massage...